Are you a talented and driven problem solver who wants to join the SOFAM (SOcar FAMily)? Someone with a startup mentality, who is capable of integrating into a multicultural team?

Who We Are

SOCAR is a car-sharing app that allows you to rent cars by the hour, day, week or month. We’re constantly exploring exciting avenues to grow within the multi-flex community, and Dash is a big part of it!

Dash is a gig economy platform designed by SOCAR where you can work flexible hours, choose your job and earn extra income without having to drive your own car. With almost 500 Dashers in the game, we’re thrilled to get more hustlers on board!

TREVO is SOCAR’s newest evolutionary addition to the car-sharing ecosystem - a peer-to-peer marketplace! TREVO aims to change not just the way people in South East Asia move around, but also to help, assist, educate, and change the way people live in the perspectives of financial management by strengthening the sharing economy in the car-sharing space, starting with Malaysia.

For Hustlers Who Want To Make Extra Income!
We are looking for people with the Hustlin' spirit to join our Dash team in Klang Valley! Want to know how you can be your own boss and earn extra income? Keep on reading!

How You’ll Hustle
From driving and dropping off guests to delivering cars, you get to achieve more skills & gain new experiences with a variety of jobs:

  • SOCAR-2-YOU Car Delivery
    SOCAR-2-YOU is a car delivery service provided by SOCAR where we deliver the rented cars to our customers within certain areas. Your task as a Dash Custodian for SOCAR-2-YOU is to deliver and pick up cars at specific locations on time.
  • TREVO Custodian
    TREVO is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that allows guests to rent hosts’ cars from the TREVO app. Your task is to manage the door-to-door fleet operations, help to transport cars from the hosts to guests and vice versa.
  • Buddy Driver
    Buddy Driver is a personal driver service for customer’s private car, made available on the TREVO app. Your task is to arrive at the specified location by customers providing professional driver services according to the agreed duration.
  • SOCAR+
    SOCAR+ is a SOCAR rental service where we provide personal driver service to customers using a SOCAR. Your task is to pick up SOCARs at specific locations to chauffeur customers to their designated location.

    + More jobs to come in the future. Look forward to it!

Are You the Dasher of Our Dreams?

  • Must be a Malaysian aged 21 and above
  • Possess valid D-Class driving license
  • Based in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Melaka, Penang, Johor, Kota Kinabalu
  • Own a working smartphone (iOS or Android) with an active data plan
  • Able to adhere to assigned routes and follow time schedules
  • Able to abide by all transportation laws and maintain a safe driving record
  • Responsible, committed, and possess commendable work ethics.

How to Sign Up in Just 10 Minutes

Can’t wait to become a Dash Custodian? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on the ‘Apply’ button
  • Download the Dash app:
  • Upload documents
  • Complete training & quiz
  • Pass the screening process for account activation
  • Start hustlin’!


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